Rah Gostar Naft Co. (RGNC)

Rah Gostar Naft Co. (RGNC)


Rah Gostar Naft Company (RGNC) with the aim of participation in the execution of big projects in various fields and other related fields relevant to its statue, established in year 1999 by the Oil Industry Investment Companies (OIIC) group to create an appropriate business & job opportunities atmosphere while giving the hand for moving in alignment of country development, with guarantee and enhance its shareholder share values. The company's main strategy is paying special attention to the following:

  • Innovation in all areas and field of the organization capabilities
  • Using the technology of the day with Latest management Techniques
  • Commitment to the principles of Professional Integrity
  • Detailed knowledge of customers' needs and Customer-oriented through developing the trust
  • Work execution properly and timely projects completion , thereby Reduce the overall cost of execution
  • Upgrade their capabilities, manpower and increase productivity
  • Development and growth of the company through meritocracy
  • Respect for all their employees and Improve their living conditions
  RGNC believes that by focusing on the above items, it will be able to align its high goals which is the creation of a dynamic & successful complex and attain acceptable results in today’s competitive market.